Vacation Rental Furnishing

How to make sure your listing stands out from the crowd

Websites offering vacation rentals, like AirBnB and VRBO, have turned the hospitality industry on its head. These sites have allowed almost anyone to run a hotel out of their own home. With over 5 million listings and 400M annual travelers on AirBnB alone, how can you make sure your listing stands out from the crowd, your calendar is always booked, and the cash is flowing?

Honeycomb Homes AZ will help you furnish your home so that guests are wow-ed and feel right at home. We can completely furnish a new listing, help with a few key rooms, or just a refresh of the home overall. 

How it Works

We offer both a full service design where we will go find pieces that will work within the home and the design goals, or provide consultation services where we provide documented recommendations on color schemes, furniture pieces, textures, etc. In addition, we can connect you with a fantastic photographer that will take amazing photos to showcase your home.

As super hosts on AirBnB, we know a thing or two about what it takes to successfully run a listing on these websites. We take pride in helping our clients improve their listings through great design and stunning photography. Not sure what to do with that awkwardly shaped room? We can help. Trying to fit more beds in but not sure how? We can help. Are guests always complaining they trip over the couch? Seriously, we can help. Above all, the goal is for your guests to feel at home in your home. We can help.

We also offer design consultation for clients interested in utilizing current furnishings to maximize aesthetics and flow of the home.

  • Contact Us for a consultation
  • We work together to understand your home and goals
  • Then, we provide you design concepts based on our conversations
  • From there, if you choose full service, we will go source the pieces and bring them into the home
  • Alternatively, we will provide recommendations on pieces and share a few of our favorite shops
  • It’s as easy as that!

Contact Us Today!

Whether your project is Home Staging, Vacation Rental Furnishing or the need for a Design Consultation, Phoenix or the East Valley, We’ll find a way to meet you design needs and budget. Share your design project with us, we’d love to help you out.